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Vintage Car Racers to Drive in Mexico

Vintage Car Racers to Drive in Mexico's Historic Carrera Panamericana Under the Team Banner - 'Two Boars Racing' Terry O'Reilly and Pat McDowell to Race a Restored 1949 Lincoln That Ran This Famous 2,200-Mile Race in 1950 - Only Such Original Car in the Field SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 30 -- Terry O'Reilly and Pat McDowell, two veteran Bay Area vintage...

Jaguar Mk.2 wins Best in Class

Jaguar Mk.2 wins Best in Class

TBR is pleased to announce that on Sunday, May 3, 2009, the Jaguar Mk.2 took Best in Class at the 53rd annual Hillsborough Concours D’Elegance. And no, it was not the only car in the class! The detailers took off the Two Boars sticker, which we thought was unnecessary, but we’re pleased with the award nonetheless.

The Mk.2 is cleared to run in the California Mille. Look for it to make an appearance in 2010.

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