Meet The Boars

Terry O’Reilly

Terry O’Reilly was born and raised in England, not far from Brands Hatch. He grew up idolizing Mike Hawthorne, Peter Collins and Duncan Hamilton. Some say that while his driving may not quite resemble these legends, his training regime has always leaned towards that of ‘53 Le Mans winner Hamilton. Playing Rugby for the University of California and the Old Blues RFC kept him off the race tracks as a young man. However, the wide open roads across the West allowed many Cannonball-like runs in such groups as the Turismos Visitadores and Beyond The West. Recently he has participated in more formal Rallies, including several Ferrari Challenge and Copperstate Rallies. In 2006, he took TBR’s Lincoln Coupe on the California Mille.

Pat McDowell

Pat hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a car buff from way back. Since the mid 1970’s, he has owned a series of Ferraris including a 1972 246 GTS with “Chairs and Flares,” a 1976 carberated 308 GTB, a 1997 Testarossa, a 1995 F355 GTS, and a 1998 550 Maranello. In 1996, Pat was co-driver of a 1957 Reventlow Scarabin the Mille Miglia. From 1995 to 2000, he spent 50 days a year in a formula race car, driving primarily in the Russell Racing Series at Sears Point and other California tracks. He has raced in both amateur and professional series.

Terry with  Pat

Andre Pierceall

Peerless Navigator, Andrea has been sitting in the Busy Seat on many a Rally and has mastered the dread line: I think we took a wrong turn back there.

Seen here on the 2013 London to Lisbon Rally, Andrea not only guided the Mk.1 to Lisbon over 2438 miles, precisely, but learned how to make a Brantz correct with one dread look. If you’ve ever navigated you know the Brantz. If not, why not?

Andrea drives a Ford Flex in real life and, yes, it has a GPS.


Steve O’Reilly

Seen here on the Texas 1000.

We arrived late and had to find gas for the Shelby. Unfortunately, the fuel pump was grumpy from having no fuel and once we were too far off the route for help, it packed up.

Eventually we were towed to the first hotel stop and heroic mechanics found a replacement.

So we motored on, not learning until the awards dinner that we had amassed more penalty points than had ever been achieved before.

We are very proud of the pewter armadillo we were awarded.

Steve rallies to drive when Pat is off expanding the real estate empire. In his other life he is a computer genius who has cleverly figured out how to work from home. He also drives an ice lolly truck and a Porsche 911.

Steve OReilly