Freddy The Mustang Shelby 350GTR

Freddy the Mustang - Shelby 350GTR

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Named for a famed Mexican racer of the ’60s, Freddy is a clone Shelby 350GTR, which ran in the 2006 Carrera, as high as third in Unlimited Production. Built by famed Minnesota specialist, Todd Landon, the engine was modified to run in the Historic Class for the 2008 Chihuahua Express. Regrettably, business concerns grounded one of the Boars, and the Irish Boar was left without a copiloto. Copiloto Pat has tried to revive his flagging reputation by buying a Porsche GT3, which he drives very slowly to work.

For the time being, Freddy can be heard, and sometimes seen, in the wee small hours on back roads in the Bay Area. The photos were taken at a test session at Thunderhill on November 18, 2007.