1949 Talbot Lago T26

1949 Talbot Lago T26

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1949 Talbot Lago T26 “Record”, body by Dubos.

It was the same old story. There I was in Bonham’s tent at The Quail in 2006. It could have been the warm, convivial atmosphere, the fact that I had just sold my XK 120 alloy for a sizeable profit or the two bottles of red wine we had shared but there it was, the car I had to have. Built in 1949 for the Marie Brizzard Liqueur Company in Paris, the french blue Talbot had lived for the past twenty-five years in a Swiss museum. Nonetheless, she ran well without smoke and I could see lots of possibilities.

The T26 “Record” was a tribute to Talbot Lago’s superb year in Grand Prix Racing, winning four of five races. The chassis is the same as the racer, the engine being slightly detuned with two carburetors instead of three. The body is much heavier, of course, but she will still run comfortably at freeway speeds (real speeds, not posted speeds).

The car has run in two California Mille Miglias since then and was shown at Hillsborough and The Quail in 2007. The car was featured in Autoweek, June 16, 2008.