Vintage Car Racers to Drive in Mexico

Vintage Car Racers to Drive in Mexico’s Historic
Carrera Panamericana Under the Team Banner –
‘Two Boars Racing’

Terry O’Reilly and Pat McDowell to Race a Restored 1949 Lincoln That Ran This
Famous 2,200-Mile Race in 1950 – Only Such Original Car in the Field
SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 30 — Terry O’Reilly and Pat McDowell, two veteran Bay Area
vintage car racers, have formed a team called “Two Boars Racing” and have entered their
1949 Lincoln Coupe in the 2200 mile Carrera Panamericana to be held in Mexico,
November 10th through the 16th.

The race, begun in 1950 to celebrate the opening of the Pan American Highway, lures
seasoned drivers from around the world to race vintage cars from Vera Cruz to Monterrey
with stops in Puebla, Morelia and Zacatecas among others cities. The cars often reach
speeds of 190 miles per hour. The race is helped along with the assistance of Mexico’s
Federal police. Ninety-one cars are entered in this test of skill and endurance.

The cars are all pre-1955. The car that O’Reilly and McDowell have entered, a 1949
Lincoln Coupe, ran in the 1950 Carrera Panamericana as Car 54. The car failed to start
on the fourth day. A Lincoln expert looking for parts found the car years later in a San
Jose wrecking yard. This fully restored Lincoln ran successfully in the California Mille this
year. Rene Weigandt of Burlingame Motors and Grayson Racing at Infineon Racing
helped prepare the car for the Carrera Panamericana event.

The race began in 1950 with then current model cars. Due to safety concerns, the high-
speed race was cancelled after the Le Mans 1955 disaster. The Carrera was resumed in
the 1980s as a rally for vintage cars only. The famous Porsche Carrera was named in
honor of this race.

O’Reilly, a resident of San Mateo, grew up in England, a great fan of early racing legends
Mike Hawthorne and Duncan Hamilton. His first car was a Morgan and he has owned a
large number of sports and racing cars even since. His collection includes a 1949 Talbot
Lago T26 drophead, to a 1949 Jaguar 120. O’Reilly has raced in a number of long-
distance rallies, including several Copperstate and Ferrari Challenge events. He is
Director of the Candy Store, a private motorcar museum in Burlingame, CA. O’Reilly is the
founding partner of O’Reilly & Danko, one of the nation’s top trial law firms.

McDowell lives in San Francisco and is a long time car buff. Since the mid-1970s he has
owned a series of sports and racing cars, primarily Ferraris.

In 1996, McDowell was co-driver in the famous Mille Magalia in Italy in a 1957 Reventlow
Scarab. From 1995 to 2000, he spent 50 days a year in a formula race care, driving
primarily in the Russell Racing series at Sears Point and other California tracks. He has
raced in both amateur and professional series.

McDowell is the founder of McDowell Properties, a real estate investment company that
focuses on the acquisition and renovation of apartment communities throughout the
Southwestern and Southeastern United States.

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