2009 Texas 1000


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TBR welcomed a third boar, Steve O’Reilly, on this 2009 run through the hill country of Texas. The route wandered down into the Border Country and back north of San Antonio, visiting such notable locations as Luckenbach.

We took Freddy the Mustang, a full-on race car which did the 2006 Carrera. Freddy is a clone of a famous car operated by a Mexican ace, Freddy van Heusen, in SCCA, which he won. He also won Sebring before retiring. And we found out that Freddy is still alive and well in Mexico City by the clever strategy of breaking down on the first day. Our electronic ignition died suddenly, leaving us on the side of a remote road. In time, a pickup pulled over and the good Samaritan tried to help. As he was leaving he took a full look at the car and announced that he not only knew Freddy but that he had played golf with him that last weekend.


The ignition put us out of competition so we drove the route for fun and talked our way into a Porsche Panamera, logically. Great car.

At the banquet, it was announced that TBR had achieved a record, the worst score ever on the Texas 1000 and we were awarded a pewter armadillo, which has joined our other trophy. We are very proud.